This is the first blog post on Bushman Photos. It serves to introduce the man behind the photos.

I am 59 years old at the time of writing this on the 22nd of June, 2018.

I am both an ex bushman and an ex computer engineer… so I have two complete opposite sides to my personality. As a bushman I lived rough in the rainforest and cooked on an open fire. My water came from streams and I lived on wild deer. Sometimes I lived in farmhouses and sometimes I lived in temporary shelters I made myself from the forest. I was constantly on the move every day in all weather. I wore a Swandri and shorts and rarely ever saw another human being from one month to the next.

As a computer engineer I sat in a custom built air-conditioned office most of the time. I wore a suit and tie and had to interact with other people all day long. Everything was usually supplied including food and drink. I had an expense account and a free car. Once at work on the job I rarely moved from sitting at a computer screen.

Bushman Photos is a meeting of my split personality. On the technology side I designed and built this website myself and I administer and maintain it. The photography side of it requires in depth technical knowledge on ISO, focal length and shutter speed.

On the feral side though I am most happy on a clifftop somewhere… or deep in a rainforest… with my dog Rastus and my camera. That is what I like doing the most. Being there at that time and place getting the shot… forever trying to capture the magic I see every day in the world around me.

These Blog posts will appear at random intervals and each one will highlight a particular time and place where I took photos for this site. So although there is very little information in the description of each photo… eventually most of that background information will be supplied through Blog posts.

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  • Jimi Colville-Smith says

    Love your ways Peter!!!! Hey you have some amazing talent bro’ thanks for sharing eh’ Kia kaha.

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