Free Online Photography Course

I am working on a Free online Photography Crash Course that will cover the basics for people who know very little or nothing about photography and want to get up to speed as fast as possible.

The course will be offered in lesson modules in both video and text format.

The Free Online Photography Crash Course will consist of the following modules:

  • The Camera
  • The Lens
  • The Settings
  • The Technique


Each module will have lessons as following:

The Camera

  •   The different types of cameras
  •   What camera is best?
  •   The SLR camera

The Lens

  •   Why the lens is important
  •   What lens is best?

The Settings

  •   The Three Essentials
  •   Aperture
  •   Shutter Speed
  •   ISO

The Technique

  •   Basic Skills
  • Tips and Tricks


Once the Free Online Photography Crash Course is made available I will be offering pre-pay courses on more advanced topics.

Pre-Pay Courses

The following courses will be available:

  •  – Landscape Photography Crash Course
  •  – Wildlife Photography Crash Course
  •  – Photo Post-Editing Crash Course
  •  – Advanced Outdoor Photography made Simple


The option Advanced Outdoor Photography made Simple is the other three courses combined into a single package deal.

If you’re wondering what “Crash Course” means… it means sticking to just the brute force essentials to get the job done… because that’s the bushman way. No fancy gadgets or complicated explanations of obtuse technical terms… the mission is to take photos like a pro as fast as possible using simple and direct methods with the gear you’ve got.

Photography is about two things:

  • Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
  • Technical Expertise (including having the right gear)


Many courses go into far too much detail on the technical side when really technically speaking there are only four things you have to get right. If you get all four things correct then you will nail the shot every time. I focus on those four things in all my courses and three of those things are the magic numbers.

I also cover the subject of

  • Being in the Right Place at the Right Time


in just as much detail as the technical side.

The focus is on participation by the student and all students are encouraged to submit their own shots.


This is the first blog post on Bushman Photos. It serves to introduce the man behind the photos.

I am 59 years old at the time of writing this on the 22nd of June, 2018.

I am both an ex bushman and an ex computer engineer… so I have two complete opposite sides to my personality. As a bushman I lived rough in the rainforest and cooked on an open fire. My water came from streams and I lived on wild deer. Sometimes I lived in farmhouses and sometimes I lived in temporary shelters I made myself from the forest. I was constantly on the move every day in all weather. I wore a Swandri and shorts and rarely ever saw another human being from one month to the next.

As a computer engineer I sat in a custom built air-conditioned office most of the time. I wore a suit and tie and had to interact with other people all day long. Everything was usually supplied including food and drink. I had an expense account and a free car. Once at work on the job I rarely moved from sitting at a computer screen.

Bushman Photos is a meeting of my split personality. On the technology side I designed and built this website myself and I administer and maintain it. The photography side of it requires in depth technical knowledge on ISO, focal length and shutter speed.

On the feral side though I am most happy on a clifftop somewhere… or deep in a rainforest… with my dog Rastus and my camera. That is what I like doing the most. Being there at that time and place getting the shot… forever trying to capture the magic I see every day in the world around me.

These Blog posts will appear at random intervals and each one will highlight a particular time and place where I took photos for this site. So although there is very little information in the description of each photo… eventually most of that background information will be supplied through Blog posts.